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Savoir-faire : the work in the vineyards

A natural heritage

The vineyard is 35 years old on average (our oldest vines were planted in 1964). All of our grapes come from our vineyard.

A large proportion of our vines come from a massal selection. This consists of choosing the plants with the most beautiful fruits in order to multiply and replant them. This method was abandoned at the end of the 20th century in favor of cloning, which was more productive.

The massal selection allows us to preserve the wine heritage of our vines of which we are so proud.

Natural vineyard management

Wishing to intervene as little as possible, we have always cultivated our vines using a system of sustainable growing that adapts to their environment.

At Christophe’s instigation, our domaine has been “HVE” (HEV = High Environmental Value) certified since 2016, but the next generation want to go further, they are inspired by the methods used in organic and biodynamic agriculture but they don’t claim certification for the moment.

We are careful to preserve certain ancestral growing methods. However, knowledge of the living environment is evolving and we are not afraid to experiment with new growing techniques.